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Full Details About Devprayag

Devprayag is the holiest religious spot among Hindus. Surrounded by immense natural beauty, this place is a great point of attraction. In addition to beauty and devotion, here you have lots of fun activities to enjoy. Therefore, it’s a great deal always to have a visit to this amazing place.

Devprayag Uttrakhand

Devprayag also refereed as Devo ka Prayag. This place is one of the Panch Prayag i.e. one of the five confluence of the Uttarkhand state. The meaning of Devprayag means Godly confluence that is derived from the parts; Dev means ‘God’ and Prayag means ‘confluence’. Apart from this, the town is also famous for being the habitat of the Badrinath Dham’s pundits. Therefore, this place becomes more auspicious with the presence of those holy pundits.

This holy place is at the height of 2700 ft. Devprayag is the small town in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand State. It is the last Prayag from where Ganga takes its first form after the holy confluence of the River Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. This sacred town offeres holiness, and a great deal of adventure to the visitors.

Devprayag is the town possessing a divine aura that attracts millions of visitors every year. The devotees visit the town to adore the spirituality favored by the air due to the placement of some holy places such as Raghunathji Temple, Chandrabadni Temple, and many others. Also, the town offers holy dip in the Bathing Ghat and lots of adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing, river rafting, etc.

History of Devprayag

The historical embodiment of the town enrolls the junction of the rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. Also, people believe that this place is the one that had experienced the penance done by Lord Rama and King Dashratha.

In the Vaishnavite clan, Devprayag lands among the 108 sacred abodes of Lord Vishnu that are also famous as Divya Deshams of Lord Vishnu. It got its name Devparayag after the sage Devasharma led an ascetic life here.

Devprayag holds an important place being the stopping point from Rishikesh when devotees do Chardham Yatra and head towards Badrinath and Kedarnath.

Tourist Places Near Devprayag

Chandrabadani Temple

It’s a temple in the name of Goddess Shakti i.e. power. One can find lots of old statues and iron Trishuls outside the temple.

Raghunathji Temple

A beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Rama. It is one of the oldest temples in India that is known for its pyramidal shape built with stone.

Teen Dhara

It’s a popular stoppage for the tourists that offer the best place to have some rest. It is the place known to have three water springs are located.


It is the holy shrine that is nestled on the banks of a stream Shanta. that got the name after the daughter of King Dashratha. This place is famous for the penance offered by King Dashratha.

Activities to Do in Devprayag

Rock Climbing

Devparyag offers wide scope to enjoy other adventurous activities too such as rock climbing. The activities are undertaken under the strict supervision of professionals.


Those who want to explore and enjoy trekking, can find some best locations in Devprayag and nearby.

Best Time to Visit Devprayag

Visitors can enjoy visiting Devprayag in all the three seasons. The town carries pleasant weather throughout the year.

Summer season

The summer season from April to June offers you pleasant weather with full sunshine throughout the day. It offers a good time to enjoy. Those who want to go for rafting can pick this most appropriate season for the same.

Monsoon season

The time period between August and September brings in the rainfall in the town. Though visitors try to stay away from this season, it allows easy access without any issues to the visitors. However, due to fewer footfalls of the visitors, the town receives fall in the hotel prices.

Winter season

The duration between October to March covers the winter season that offers a chilly and freezing yet enjoyable aura to the visitors. People can enjoy this period with the initial preparation of clothing and other living arrangements.

How to Reach Devprayag?

Before visiting the holy Devprayag, you must have the proper route planning. Therefore, it’s very important to know about the various routes that you may take.

How to reach Devprayag by Air route

One can reach Devpyarag with the help of regular Delhi flights that lands at the Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun. It is the nearest airport which is located at a distance of 91kms from Devprayag.

How to reach Devprayag by Railway route

Rishikesh carries the nearest railway station to Devprayag at a distance of 72kms. It is the railway joint that connects other railway junctions located in other parts of Uttarakhand state and other parts of India.

How to reach Devprayag by Road route

Apart from air and rail transport, Devprayag offers easy and smooth connectivity with the other parts of Uttarakhand state via motor-able roads. one can find buses and taxis to reach the destination.

By visiting this place, enjoy this beautiful showcase of traditions and spirituality and find the solace from the hustle-bustle of life at this beautiful and sacred place of serenity. Devprayag offers the captivating aura under the confluence of god.

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