On this tour, there are a lot of religious sites where you will need help to drive past the permitted point. To complete the remaining distance from there, you must walk. Therefore being physically fit for the Chardham tour is very required. Otherwise, you risk developing health issues. Before going on this voyage, work on your physical fitness by doing daily jogging, warm-up exercises, meditation to improve your mental health, etc. Drink lots of water before your hike and bring several packets of ORS, which carefully maintain your body’s water level to prevent dehydration from occurring from ascending routes.

Every pilgrim who is older than 50 years old must get a medical examination and, upon request, provide the authorities with their medical certificate. Each pilgrim should also use a biometric registration system to track how many people visit the Dham sites. With the need to cope with high altitude sickness, vertigo, high blood pressure issues, etc., medical certifications guarantee that you are prepared to travel. The authorities will only need you to give them a medical or fitness certificate if you choose to go on a helicopter tour to Char Dham. You must undergo a biometric registration to comply with tight government regulations. 

Therefore, before starting on the Chardham yatra, you need to build your stamina. Bring fruits with you on your yatra to maintain your physical stamina. Exercise lowers your risk of getting sick, and you may build up your physical stamina at home with a routine. Your body stays in shape via walking, which helps build leg strength. You can begin 30 minutes of brisk walking and jogging a month before your Char Dham yatra.

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