An exceptional Hindu destination is the Triyuginarayan Temple, which is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. At a height of 1,980 metres, this charming hamlet offers a panoramic view of the snow-covered mountains in the Garhwal region.

The Vishnu temple is located at Triyuginarayan Village along the historic route between Kedarnath and Guttur. The compositional style used in the town and in the Kedarnath Temple is the same, and this town is an important stop. According to an ancient myth, Triyuginarayan served as the capital of Himavat, and Shiva and Parvati were married there during the Satyug (Era of Truth). For this celestial (Godly) union, they created a colossal fire at the edge of Havan Kund (yajna kund).

All of the wise men and priests had attended the wedding, and The Vishnu were the ones who taught people how to celebrate. It is said that the leftover fire in the Havan Kund is still consuming like a divine body. Triyuginarayan is the name given to the wood by explorers since it was discovered in three different eras. The gifts of enthusiasts to maintain their marriage’s happiness benefit from the havan kund’s fiery remains. In this town, there are three other kunds: Rudrakund, Vishnu Kund, and Bhram Kund. All the Gods had showered in this throughout the wedding. This pool’s water is known as Saraswati Kund and is purported to come from Vishnu’s navel.

The village of Triguninarayan is located approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) away at a height of 1,980 metres (6,500 ft).the confluence of the Songanga and Mandakini rivers at Sonprayag. The land belt, which is located 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) from Sonprayag and extends to 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) between Triyugninarayan and Toshi towns, provides excellent agro-climatic conditions for the development of agricultural harvests, such as apple and stone natural products. The area is covered in snow for the whole three-month winter season.


How to Reach Triyuginarayan

HOW TO GET THERE BY AIR: The distance from Jolly Grant Airport to Guptkashi, where the Triyuginarayan Temple is located, is 180 kilometres. The closest airport to Guptkashi is Jolly Grant Airport, which is conveniently accessible via taxi from the airport’s exterior.

By train: The closest train station to Guptkashi is Rishikesh. The separation between Rishikesh and 250 kilometres from Guptkashi. Outside the railroad station, taxis and buses are readily accessible.

By road: From Delhi to Rishikesh or Haridwar, you can take taxis and private buses. On NH 07, Guptkashi is situated.

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