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In the state of Uttarakhand, this town is a very important tourist destination in the region famous for its stunning natural beauty and is also called as Devbhumi, which literally means ‘Land of the Gods’. Therefore, not only Pilgrims from every part of the country but also worldwide tourists flock to this region too. In other words, this place is the one-point destination to forget all your tears.

Uttarkashi Tourism

Uttarkashi is the hub of ashrams and temples and also it has the famous Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Therefore, it’s a must-visit place. Since the holy Kashi is in the north direction from the Uttarkashi, and therefore, this place is called Uttarkashi. Similar to Varanasi, town of Uttarkashi is the bank of holy Ganges, and therefore, famous as ‘Gateway of Gangotri ‘lies next to a hill named Varun Parvat, on confluence of two rivers Varuna and Asi, has a ghat called “Manikarnika Ghat” and has a temple dedicated to Shiva (Kashi Vishwanath Temple) in the center of the town. Therefore, this place is equally important as that of the holy Kashi.

Places to Visit in Uttarkashi

This place has lots of tourist destinations, and therefore, you must be familiar with some of the great destinations here so that you may feel and real devotion and tourism experience. Here, are some of those places.

Vishwanath Temple

Located 300 meters away from the local bus stand at Uttarkashi, the Vishwanath temple is one of the popular ancient temples. People worship Lord Shiva here. As per belief, lord Parshuram himself has created this temple. Later, in the year 1857, “Maharani Khaneti” who was the wife of Sudarshan Shah did the renovation of this holy temple.

Nachiketa Tal

Nachiketa Tal is the wonderful gift of natural beauty. This place is located 29 km from Uttarkashi. As per belief, this place is named after the name of great” Nachiketa”. He was the son of sage Udalak. There is no accommodation facility to stay here, and therefore, visitors don’t have an option except returning back to Uttarkashi.

Kuteti Devi Temple

Kuteti Devi Temple is located at the top hill of Hari Parwat, 2kms away from Uttarkashi. Here, devotees worship Goddess Durga in her form of Kuteti Devi. After the incident, she built this holy temple. The temple is on the banks of the Bhagirathi river.

Maneri Dam

Maneri dam is located on the Bhagirathi river around 8.5 km away from Uttarkashi. The main purpose of this dam was actually to divert water into a tunnel. The color of cold water is amazingly beautiful, and resist yourself from taking a dip.

Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal is the most beautiful meadow located at a distance of 32 km away from Uttarkashi. Bugya means” High Altitude Meadow”. It is at an elevation of around 3300 meters, and, it is 4000 meters above sea level. Thousands of tourists visit here for doing Trekking Adventurous Activities. Therefore, you will like it endlessly if you love adventurous activities.

However, all the places mentioned above are great examples of creativity, beauty, and spirituality, but it’s not over. Other than these places, you have a lot of other places to visit.

How to Reach Uttarkashi

However, reaching the Uttarkashi has never been any difficult, but it’s better to know the way and to have the proper planning.
The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Dehradun Airport, which is around 166 km away from Uttarkashi. And, the nearest railway station is Rishikesh Railway Station which is around 145 Km away

What the more beautiful maybe than a place of god!

Nothing else.

Therefore, the only lucky person can get the chance to visit such a place.

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