Looking for Char Dham Yatra from Haridwar? If Yes, then you are at right Place, Here we have shared why Haridwar is the best destination for Starting Char Dham Yatra or Do Dham Yatra.

Haridwar is one of the most sacred cities of the Hindu religion. It is the place from where Mata Ganga
gets down towards the fertile plains of India. The city has been known as the salvation place for the
Hindu religion and they consider it as Moksha dwar. The city is so holy and for the faithful, it is a great
place to take a bath at Har Ki Pauri. There are many stories related to the city although here we let
you know about the significance of Chardham yatra from Haridwar.

Spritiual significance you gain with Char dham

The Chardham yatra package from Haridwar starts with the most convenient packages that add to the
ease of reaching the various temples that are part of Chardham. The four sacred places in Chardham
yatra are Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. These are the four prominent locations that
contain the best of the spiritual energy. It has spiritual developments that add to the beauty of
nature. It is once in a lifetime opportunity for the young and the people who have aged creating
significance in their lives.

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Since Haridwar is the base camp it gives you the huge benefit to take a dip in the Holy Ganga take her
blessings and start the journey for salvation. The Chardham yatra can be done by helicopter or by bus
to the nearest point. Once you reach the base point you can reach the sacred place by trekking which
is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Let’s elaborate on the four dhams.

  • Gangotri is one of the pilgrimage destinations where the Mata Ganga originates from the glacier.
    It is the place where Lord Shiva releases a mighty river from his locks. It becomes one of the
    most bustling places during the Char dham yatra season.
  • Yamunotri is another pilgrimage destination in Uttarakhand where Mata Yamuna originates from
    the Yamunotri glacier. This is a great place to be during char dham yatra as it is part of it.
  • Kedarnath is a great place to enjoy blissful nature and it has a beautiful temple. The holy shrine
    attracts a huge number of devotees from various parts of the world and includes the Char Dham
    package. The yatra was first done by pandavas to this holy shrine to relieve their pain ginst killing
    their own people in Mahabharat. Although, Shiv Ji made himeslf as an Oxen so that he should
    stay away from Pandavas.
  • Badrinath has a very spiritual significance as it is the place where Lord Vishnu has done the tap
    and Mata Lakshmi stands there to give him shade. It has one of the most beautiful temples with
    inclusion in Char Dham.

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