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Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flower – National Park

Valley of Flowers, an enchanting path that lets you explore the feel of Heaven on earth. This place is famous for having the varieties of beautiful flowers of very rare species. It is a natural wonder and breathtaking place that is renowned for its immeasurable beauty all over the world.


The Valley of Flowers is the famous National Park of India located in the picturesque location of Uttaranchal. It is a paradise for nature lovers. Ideally located in the western Himalayas, this national park is actually the home of a large variety of wildlife species. Here, you may see faunae such as musk deer, brown bear, blue sheep and snow leopard.

In addition to such an amazing collection of faunae, this place has also a great variety of florae.

Legendary History of the Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers offers a symbolized venture to the captivating beauty of the natural beauty that directs the visitor to a new world of colorful paradise. The Legendary history of the place brings to you the historical chapter of the Great Ramayana Story that beholds the time when Laxman (younger brother of Rama) suffered an injury and Hanuman went on to bring the Sanjiwni Booti to cure him. As per belief, Lord Hanuman had collected the bits of Booti from this place only.

Since then, the place remains undiscovered until and unless an English Mountaineer and Botanist named Frank. S. Smythe accidentally discovered the place during the hiking and mentioned about the secret of the beautiful location hiding in the Himalayas.
However, the locales of the place are unaware of the giant existence of the wonderful place. As per mythology, Angels rule here.

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