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Yamunotri Dham – Complete Information & Travel Guide

Yamunotri is the beautiful and charming place located in the midst of Gharwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand State. It is recognized as the source of Yamuna River and the seat of the Goddess Yamuna. Also, it is revered as one of the most important dhams among the Chardhams of India.

Yamunotri Temple

Located at an altitude of 3293 m, Yamunotri lies to the adjacent side of the Indo-Chinese border and is surmounted with the lofty peaks. It is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimages that is famous for its thermal springs and glaciers.

As per belief, the great Asit Muni resided here for many years, and therefore, this place became more auspicious and important.

The trip to this holy shrine departs the devotee with the thrilling and amazing experience. One can enjoy the picturesque surroundings, lush meadows and beautiful cascades on the way to Yamunotri and its nearby attractions.

Here, devotees love to explore the Yamunotri temple dedicated to Goddess Yamuna and the thermal spring at Janki Chatt. Besides these, two hot springs gained enough prominence in the chapter of Yamunotri Dham; Surya Kund, which has hot boiling water and Gauri Kund, which has the lukewarm water suitable for bathing.

Every year, thousands of devotees visit this holy shrine to get blessed with the powerful aura of the Yamuna River. The place offers a pacifying and minds soothing vibes to the devotee.

History of Yamunotri Temple

As per the legendary sources, the story behind the Yamunotri lies with the story of the Sage Asit Muni. As per belief, Asit Muni used to take a holy dip in both Ganga and Yamuna on a daily basis. When he got his older age, he found himself incapable to go for the bath. On such point of time, a stream of Ganges appeared opposite Yamunotri for him so that he can continue his routine of taking the bath.

The Yamuna is the daughter of the Sun God, Surya, and Sangya. It is believed that Champasar Glacier is the birthplace of Yamuna. Also, the Kalind Parvat supports this river. As per mythology, Kalind Parvat is Surya Dev himself, and he is the father of Goddess Yamuna.

Tourist’s Attractions in and Near Temple

Yamunotri Temple

The temple holds the ultimate importance while heading towards the Chardham Yatra. Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal built this temple. It opens on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

Janki Chatti

It is the middle point on the trek to Yamunotri. Located at a distance of 7kms from Yamunotri, it is the house of thermal springs.

Surya Kund

It is the natural thermal spring popularly known for its hot boiling water. People tie the potatoes and rice with the string and cook them by immersing the string in the hot water. Afterward, they distribute the cooked item in the form of Prasad.

Divya Shilla

It is the rock pillar engraved at the entrance of Yamunotri temple. It receives great respect by the pilgrims when they about to enter the temple.

Saptrishi Kund

As per some sources, it is considered as the origin of the Yamuna River. It is quite famous for its bluish water and pebbly banks. Also, Brahma lotus is famous on this Kund but it’s very rare to see that.

Hanuman Chatti

It is the point from where the Yamunotri trek begins. It offers the exploration made through lush green meadows and woody hills that fills the visitor’s trip into an amazing amusement.


A favored picnic spot that offers lots of thermal springs and beautiful cascades. It has captivating surroundings and lovely ambiance.


It is the small town located at a distance of 49kms from Yamunotri. It has some of the ancient temples and also serves as the best location for meditation.

Activities to Do in Yamunotri


Tourists can enjoy trekking to Yamunotri temple that is a full day trek. Tourist can enjoy the trek either from Hanuman Chatti located at a distance of 6km or from Janki Chatti situated at a distance of 4km. During trekking, you can enjoy rugged peaks and dense forests.


Yamunotri is mostly the first step towards the Chardham Yatra in India. Every year, several devotees turned towards the Yamunotri temple to pay homage to the Goddess Yamuna.

Yamunotri Weather

Weather in Yamunotri remains cold throughout the year. On average, the temperature stands on 15-20-degree Celsius range, but many times, it falls below zero degrees’ mark. Thus, while on the way to Yamunotri, visitors must carry warm and woolen clothes.


Summer season from April to June offers cool and pleasant environment. The Yamunotri temple sets to open for the devotees at the beginning of the summer season. The temperature during this season turns around 20 degrees Celsius. The nights are a little bit chilly.


Monsoon season begins from End of July and continues till August. During this season, the area is prone to face landslides that make the traveling difficult. Thus, pilgrims are advised to avoid the monsoon season to the maximum extent.


Winter season takes the time from November to April. The weather remains cold during this season with the chances to receive heavy snowfall. Snowfall is enjoyable during this period. However, the Yamunotri temple remains closed during the season. Only trekkers and mountaineers visit the place for adventurous trips.

Best Time to Visit Yamunotri

The best time to visit the holy shrine of Yamunotri is from April to June and from September to November. The temple opens in summer somewhere in the last week of April and remains open till November. After that, it remains closed during the whole season of winters.

How to Reach Yamunotri?

How to reach by Air route

Near to Yamunotri is the Jolly Grant Airport. Located at a distance of 210kms, the airport serves as a medium with Delhi via regular flights to Dehradun. also, the airport allows smooth connectivity with the location such as Hanuman Chatti via road transport. Also, the visitors can enjoy the helicopter services from Dehradun to Yamunotri.

How to reach by Rail route

Both Rishikesh and Dehradun serves as the nearest railway station to Yamunotri. Dehradun station is located at a distance of 175kms while the Rishikesh one can be found after a distance of 200kms. Both the railway joints are smoothly connected with other parts of Uttarakhand State. Also, quick and well-connected road transport lets the visitors reach Hanuman Chatti from where they can begin the trek to Yamunotri.

How to reach Yamunotri by road route

Yamunotri doesn’t possess any direct connection via roads. Visitors need to reach Hanuman Chatti by taking any sort of rail or air transport followed by road means. Once they reach Hanuman Chatti, they had to follow a trek to reach to their destination.


From the snow-clad mountains to the mesmerizing lakes, Yamunotri offers unbelievable moments to the visitors. It is a legendary place that asks for some courageous moves and lots of stamina to reach. Once reached, it offers mind stilling views of the captivating surroundings.

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